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Colon polyps


Colorectal polyps are abnormal growths of tissue projecting from the mucosa of the large bowel.

Up to a quarter of asymptomatic average risk individuals will have Polyps on colonoscopy.

The biggest concern is their ability to progress into carcinoma, through the adenoma-carcinoma sequence.

In experienced hands the vast majority of polyps can be removed safely during colonoscopy performed under sedation as an outpatient procedure (not general anesthesia) without the need of surgery.

The procedure time including polypectomy is around 20 minutes

The following video shows the procedure of polypectomy (polyp removal).

  • The colon is inspected carefully during colonoscopy
  • A polyp is identified
  • Sterile fluid is injected under the base of the polyp to raise it away from the muscular layers of the colon reducing the risk of colonic wall injury/complications during polypectomy significantly
  • The polyp is then removed using a specially designed snare which cuts the stalk of a polyp and cauterizes it at the same time, so that it does not bleed

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