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We offer you a personalized service using the finer and most up to date technology to diagnose and treat colonic and ano-rectal diseases. Efficiency of treatments, less pain and more rapid recovery are at the core of what we do every day...Read More

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  •  I am writing to thank you for the excellent care I received both from Dr Ahmad Abdul Samie and the team during my recent treatment in Harley Street Medical Center, and for all your efforts to make me well again, which I’m glad to say, seem to have been entirely successful.  
  •  Wonderful team! Dr. Ahmed reassured me from my first appointment that I would be in good hands and I was!! Thank you so much for making me feel so relaxed. 
  •  Thanks Dr. Ahmed for the great support and thoroughness in treating me. You have been one of the best doctors I have had the pleasure to deal with. 
  •  I had a great experience throughout all my visits with Dr. Ahmed. He is very professional and thorough. He is patient and ensures all your questions are asked and answered... 


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