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  • Utkir U

    Well educated, reassuring attitude, professional, comprehensive explanation using simple terms - these are just some of the characteristics of Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber.

    I am very well satisfied!

    Utkir U., Kyrgyzstan

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  • Sedat E

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber is excellent!

    Sedat E., Turkey

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  • Ali S

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber gives excellent medical treatment, cordial service and thorough explanation. HSMC has a comfortable environment!

    Ali S., United Arab Emirates

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  • Andres S

    The experience with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber was easy going and professional. I have bad anxiety and he made me feel at ease and comfortable.

    Andres S., United States of America

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  • Liciana L

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber is definitely the best doctor you can choose for any gastroenterology issue.

    He is really professional, well accomplished and extremely clear and accurate. He knows well how to approach a patient, with his positive attitude you will feel at ease all the time.

    Liciana L., Italy

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  • Sahar H

    My experience with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie- Huber has been exceptional! I am 37 years old, and I have been suffering from all kinds of allergies since childhood.

    Dr. Ahmed was the only one who diagnosed my illness. Thanks for his dedication, kindness and humbleness.

    I strongly recommend him for patients with vague gastrointestinal symptoms.

    Sahar H., Sudan

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  • Venus S.

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber is very professional with great polite attitude. Provide excellent explanation, easy to understand and elevate your awareness about your medical condition and your expectation for your treatment. Lucky to have him following up my case.


    Venus S., Egypt

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  • Andre D.

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber was extremely professional in looking at my stomach problem. I was seen by another doctor from a different clinic, but he was not able to identify my problem. Dr. Ahmed looked methodologically step-by-step to come to a diagnostic and the treatment plan.

    I am happy to continue visiting Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber!

    Andre D., Anguilla

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  • Jorge S.

    I am extremely pleased and satisfied with Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber’s professionalism and caring attitude. He was very informative, cleat and treated me very kindly.

    The whole experience (consultation, procedure and post-consultation) was very satisfactory. A great professional who combines medicine with empathy with patients.

    Thank Dr. Ahmed!

    Jorge S., Spain

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  • Kenneth D.

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel Samie-Huber is outstanding!

    I’ve met a couple of gastroenterologist, but he’s the only one who identified what’s really happening . He is an EXPERT.

    Kenneth D., Philippines

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